Dyer Market and RV Park SignThe Esmeralda Market & RV Park was built in 1978 by the Williams’ who had been farming the area since the late 1950’s.  After the original store and gas pump burned it was obvious that the community needed another establishment to take its’ place since the nearest town was Bishop, California or Tonopah, Nevada …both over 75 miles in different directions.  A grocery store and gas station was built.

Now there is a full line grocery store (including meats, produce and dairy) as well as sporting goods and licenses, hardware, automotive supplies,  liquor, tobacco, ice, gas, diesel, largest selection of fireworks in Central Nevada, and a 23 space RV park with rental cabins.  Our newest addition is a hot & cold deli with fresh made sandwiches (everything from cold turkey to hot pastrami), our signature breakfast & lunch burritos, burgers, fried chicken, & monster salads!  Our motto:  “ If we’ve got it, and you want it, we’ll make it! “

Linda Williams, Proprietor, raised in Fish Lake Valley  (Dyer, Nevada) since 1959, leaving to attend college and working as a business owner in Oregon & Washington, returning to take over the family business of the Esmeralda Market in 1996.

Building the Heritage Historical Center for the sole purpose of preservation of the buildings and artifacts of Fish Lake Valley & surrounding areas as well as providing a historical insight to the area.  Many donations of buildings and artifacts have been accepted thus far with more being committed once the buildings are secure.

Mountain and Market View in Dyer, Nevada